How to use and get the most out of Freebie Galaxy’s Website – Part 1 08/25

Hi Guys!

This is part I of “How to use and get the most out of Freebie Galaxy’s Website.  I hope you find some of it useful.  

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Happy Saturday!  I have been meaning to come by and make a more detailed outline on how to use Freebie Galaxy to your advantage.  You know, to help you make the most out of my site that you can and reap some rewards while you are here.

Sometimes, I forget that I already know the main in’s and out’s from the places I garner giveaways and I often make the mistake of assuming you might already know it too.

So, I thought to myself.  What if someone isn’t sure, or if they get lost along the way?  What if they don’t understand how to approach it like I do.  What if someone actually does have questions?  And, I don’t want you to get frustrated and move on.

I am here to hopefully get rid of any confusion and to help make my site more accessible for you so you can have some enjoyment while finding freebies and giveaways to enter.

Here goes.  And, I can’t promise I might not swing off of the beaten track and skip through the woods. I get sidetracked easily.  Just think, “Squirrel!”

Or, something shiny came along and I became temporarily captivated by it.

Just come with me for a bit and maybe things will start sounding clearer.  If not, contact me anytime.  I love contacts and if you have a question, just send me a message either at the website here or through my social accounts and I promise I will get back to you.  I aim to get back to folks the same day.  I know how harsh it feels to be left hanging without answers.  It doesn’t feel nice.

I have Freebie Galaxy set up for basically 3 things if you bring it down to basics.

Also, let me back up just a bit.  If my website, Freebie Galaxy was the only thing going on at the moment, I would spend more time bringing in more sweeps, freebies and such but I have a couple of side jobs at the moment that are my bread & butter. I love entering giveaways and researching the internet so this site suits me.

And, I would spend 8-10 hours a day adding to my site if I could, but I have other obligations.  Also, if I had 2-3 people like me who wanted to be a part of Freebie Galaxy, I would set them up with instructions on logging in and submitting giveaways and making updates to kind of push things along.  I have so much I want to add but limited time. *Sigh*

Someday I am hoping that I can find some like-minded individuals that will work with me here at Freebie Galaxy. But, that is a long way off.

Freebie Galaxy was started back somewhere around early May 2018, because I was wanting to help other’s like myself find easy to enter sweeps.  I debated calling my site something along those lines too.  Easy Peasy or something like that.  I decided on the name “Freebie Galaxy,” because I was taking astronomy at the time and I am hung up on the stars.  Still am.

And, truth be told, I am always disappointed when I click on a link and it takes me to some other place that I wasn’t intending to go, or it flashes 20 pages of offers in front of me.  And you can’t complete the sign up without accepting one or two of those offers.  Grrrrr!

Or, the sign up page wants my credit card or something like before I can continue.  I tend to shy away from these types of things.  I don’t care what the prize is.

I know there are a lot of deals out there.  Some are really nice and real. Some, require purchases or joining a monthly program in order to enter or get signed up.  I might list something like this at times, but only because it might be one heck-of-a bargain.  And I will list all the requirements up front so you aren’t shocked at the end result.

So, I wanted the provide a nice, easy to use website, filled with opportunities that wouldn’t have some BS junk attached to it.

I use my time so you don’t have to.  Seems simple doesn’t it?  You would not believe the junk I wade through each day.

Something that sounds so fantastic and I am like, “Nice! I want to list this for everyone!” Only to find out that it has severe restrictions, or you have to input a credit card or promise your first born or something along those lines.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!  Right?

Okay then.  Since, I am not exactly sure what brought you here? I will take a guess.

Was it a giveaway post?  Was it a free sample?  Were you just curious?  On and on.

If you are here to save some money, then Coolio! I can help some.

I have coupons you can print out to save bucks at the store.  I am going to promote the coupon posts more by posting them HERE.

How to print and use these coupons is listed HERE.

You didn’t come here for coupons?  I get it.  Maybe you would like to see what samples and freebies are being offered?

By the way, when I say free samples and freebies, I mean it.  None of that “Enter your credit card” to get the offer.  None of the, read all these pages and accept an offer to enter junk.  I am not doing that. I don’t expect you to do that unless that is your thing.  I list easy to get freebies.  Fill out a form and walk away.  You’re done.

Find some freebies HERE.  I try to list interesting ones as I find them.  I find a lot. I just don’t list all of them.  I mean, I am not exactly sure if you can use some free stickers, or something along those lines.   But, if some free condoms, food, perfume or dog food shows up, you had better believe I am going to list those offers.  If they are easy to get and don’t require a credit card.  Then, they go on the site, Freebie Galaxy.

Okay then.  Maybe you are here to enter for something cool to win.  Got it!

And, that is my main reason for starting Freebie Galaxy.  Easy to enter giveaways.

As you look at the “Sweepstakes” tab, you will notice I have a lot of links underneath.  Let’s go through them.

Start HERE!

Side note ***The majority of these places that offer giveaways, (not all, but most), will require you to create an account and log in.  Please be aware of this.

1st up: 24 Flash Giveaways

What are they and how can you get in on them?

24 Flash giveaways are giveaways or offers lasting 24 hours or less.  Maybe I found something today that expires this evening.  I will list these giveaways and offers under the 24 Hour Flash Giveaway.  Shorter time.  Less Entries.  More chances for you to win!

2nd up: Amazon Giveaways

You guys know about Amazon giveaways, right?  At the time I am posting this, there are exactly 2623 current giveaways under this post.  Some are really easy to enter.  The little Amazon box floats down and you click on it.  Those are instant wins.  Some of the entries require you to partially watch a video.  Or like, or follow, share, etc.

You can pick and choose which ones you really want to enter for because I have seen some really sweet giveaways on amazon.  There is a lot of competition of course.  So, please be aware of this.  But, these giveaways are pretty easy to enter.

3rd up: Blog Giveaways

Pretty self explanatory.  Sometimes though I forget to tag my blog posts as such, but this will be the area where blog giveaways  are posted.  These are usually giveaways, kind of like the ones I personally offer to raise awareness of a brand or product.

4th up: CBS The Talk Giveaways

If you are familiar with CBS, The Talk website, then you know they offer giveaways. I have seen as many as 8 at a time running but the last time I checked there were less.  Check in on them from time to time.  Or, wait till I post them.  When a new one pops up, I list it on my social media accounts.

5th up: Do214 Ticket Giveaways

Want to win some tickets to some great shows, theater, etc?  Then, check out the sweet list of ticket giveaways at Do214.  But, remember to check to see what area they are in.  Some are all over the place.  Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, New Orleans, etc.  Do214 always offers cool free stuff.  Worth a lengthy look.

6th up: Email Sweeps

Again, self explanatory.   These are sweeps you can enter via email either in lieu of making a purchase or maybe its the only way to enter.  Sheepishly I admit I am bad about marking them as such.  But, I am getting better all the time.

7th up: Facebook Sweeps

When I can, I will post facebook sweeps here.  Because not everyone has facebook. I get it. And, maybe you don’t want to enter those.  But, they are here if you want to or can.

8th up: Freebie Galaxy Giveaways

Ahhh, my personal favorite.  I offer giveaways from time to time myself.  Because I love to offer stuff and also see other people win.  I add goodies to my stash pile and whenever I get too many of these trinkets laying around I begin offering giveaways.  I’d love it if you entered some of my giveaways and won something!

9th up: Giveaway Promote

I have this place listed because omg, there are tons of giveaways.  This place is designed for people that are trying to raise awareness of their brand or product by offering a giveaway.  There is a slew of cool giveaways here.  Gift cards, jewelry, cosmetics, trips, etc.  It can be confusing to go here and pick through links.  I do tend to grab some on occasion and just list them individually so its easier.  But, if you get a hankering to just go buck wild, grab that link and go and enter you some giveaways.  Just remember to read the rules and make sure you are eligible.  And do thank the sponsors when you get a chance because they do appreciate knowing you enjoyed the giveaways they have offered.

10th up: Instant Win Games

These are the very first giveaways I entered when returning to sweeping and I really like them.  Who doesn’t want to win something instantly?  Sometimes, if you are having a dry spell, the instant win games can help keep you motivated.

11th up: Instagram Sweeps

The giveaways in this area will be those that can be entered either exclusively on Instagram or as an addition to another entering platform.

12th up: Leites Culinaria Giveaways

Have you been to this site?  If not, its definitely worth a big looksie.  I can say I have found other articles, recipes and helpful tips there quite often.  The giveaways are a boon.  There is app. a 100 sweeps, more or less as of this posting today.  They range from books, to kitchen utensils, appliances and more! These are so far on-going.

13th up: Magazine Sweepstakes (Creative Presentation)

I had a category for Creative Presentation and decided to combine them all here under Magazine Sweepstakes.

Because they are pretty much one and the same.  The Magazine sweepstakes are going to be highly competitive.  And, there may be one prize but it is advertised across several platforms or magazines.  So say, for example, you are competing for one $25,000 prize, and there may be eight magazines that have that one sweepstakes going.  So, think of all of those entries.  Whew! Too much math!

However, it only takes one entry to win.  And, if it’s yours?  Then, you will be glad you at least entered each of them one time, maybe once at each magazine platform and call it a day.

14th up: Mail In Sweeps

I realize postage costs stings sometimes.  But, hey, I always say try, but only if you are able, and enter a little from every category and see where the dominoes fall.

Because, hey, you never know if that mail entry will land you that new car!  Or a sweet cash win!

If you can afford it of, course.  I mean, I don’t blow the grocery bill just to purchase a few post cards or stamps.

But, on the extremely rare occasions where I just can’t resist; I will try to enter a few sweepstakes a month by mail if it’s in my budget for that month.

So, the posts I have listed in this category can be entered by mail either in lieu of a purchase, or you can enter it in addition to the other entries as well.

15th up: Pinterest Sweeps

Self explanatory.  And there aren’t as many as there used to be.  I mean, there are still pin-2-win’s out there and an occasional pinterest giveaway.  I am happy to see them when they do show up.  I remember in 2012-2013 when pinterest really took off.

The pinterest fae folk sprinkled that pixie dust all over the place!  It was nice too!

And I will confess that I love pinterest still.  I can’t tear myself away once I go to my pinterest boards.

I know how silly that sounds.

But, have you ever stayed away from pinterest for a short time only to run by there and get caught up in a pair of baby blues from an adorable Siamese kitten?  And, your heart fluttered a little, because you just knew, you just knew, pinterest had you at that one moment.  That was all it took.  And it was over.  Three hours later, I had saved over three hundred or more cat photos, or any animal for that matter, cookie recipes (remember, they are part of our main food groups or should be), and more stuff that I will never make ever because I have about a tenth or less of the talent that these artisans have. And, where can you find that kind of time?  Who are these people that can find the time to create these beautiful things and post them on pinterest for the world to salivate over?

I can barely cut paper sometimes.  My hands do not do what my mind tells them to do.  Ever.  I mainly pin things because I am so amazed and swept up in the ‘pinterest’ moment.

Maybe it’s good that there aren’t a lot of giveaways on pinterest like there once was.

I just can’t seem to break away easily from pinterest whenever I revisit.


Part II next.

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