How to use and get the most out of Freebie Galaxy’s Website – Part 2 08/26

Hello Guys, it’s me again!

This is part II of “How to use and get the most out of Freebie Galaxy’s Website.  Again, let me say, if you have read this far and it all makes sense to you, I am pleased.    

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Happy Sunday! I am back to finish up my “Part I on how to use Freebie Galaxy’s site” with a Part II.

I will of course have ‘tips and tricks’ coming along with other pertinent information pieces that you may or may not have heard before.  Everyone is different on how they relay information as well as how it is processed individually.

I am certainly not an expert on all topics but I do love to stay informed with the ones that interest me the most and pass on any relevant information regarding these specifics that others might find useful in their journeys.

I am merely a passerby in this melting pot of a universe.  Hopefully some star dust will rub off in your direction and you find it enlightening in retrospect.

So, I will begin where I left off.

I remember I left off and became sidetracked with pinterest.  Because, well, its pinterest. And, all it takes is a cat photo, a craft photo or recipe to set me off and I am Gone Baby, Gone! 

Luckily, I am finished with pinterest and this won’t happen today.

*Averts eyes away from the pinterest icon on the toolbar thus avoiding the temptation to look up a new recipe for dinner tonight*


16th up: Prizetopia Sweeps

Well, the reason I have Prizetopia up in the list is because for one, I am keeping an eye on their website.  They haven’t been around forever, kind of like me, and I am curious to see all the goodies they are giving away.

If I have a particular giveaway site listed on my website, it is there for you to visit, and for me to keep aware of it.  I tend to post places that are fresh in my mind at the time of discovery.  Then, I can revisit and check them out later and also make sure you are aware of these sites and can enter as much as you feel up to.

I’ve got a few more prize giveaway websites that I am keeping an eye on for you.

17th up: PDX Pipeline Ticket Giveaways

As the name suggests, PDX Pipeline Ticket Giveaways are for ticket giveaways in Portland, OR.  I have PDX Pipeline  listed for two reasons; because I am in the PNW too so I feel a kinship to Oregon.

Plus, PDX Pipeline posts job opportunities in the Portland, OR area.  So, if you are in that area and in the market for a job, be sure you check them out.  The ticket giveaways, are a boon!  It’s a win-win.

18th up: Giveaways

I enjoy visiting  Here too, sometimes I get stuck in the recipe loop though.

Especially if I am hungry.  Have you ever been so hungry that you started looking at recipes?  And every one of them you were positive would turn out perfect on your first attempt?

Your only problem was narrowing it down and settling on just one recipe instead of a gazillion that you were busily and happily pinning on pinterest.  Because, you know that someday, you are going to make each and every recipe you just pinned on pinterest!  *Eyes Glazed Over*

Every day, gives away something neat.  Of course, you do have to register, but that is kind of like the registering you do for all of those magazine sites.  Register for free, log in, enter.  Repeat.

BTW, I won back in 2016.  I won a wine decanter but they gave me the option to choose a gift card instead.

19th up: Review & Win Sweeps

As the name suggest.  I post review giveaways.  You review a product and enter to win the giveaway the sponsor is offering.  Now, the ones I try to stick with are ones that won’t take an hour to fill out.  Who has time for that?

If I have dealings with the company, I will take the survey first and give you a head’s up on how long it should take.  You know, if it is an easy survey or really involved and will mean you have to lock yourself away some place to be undisturbed while taking it.  In actuality, I tend to avoid those lengthy ones anyway.

Also, I don’t gain anything by these review and wins, same thing goes for any survey you may take.  I don’t have a referral code or anything like that.  I get offers to sign up and review something, or take a survey and I pass them on to you in case you are interested.

If I have not purchased something from that company, I will list the review and win details that I have, and it will be available for you to enter if you choose, but I will not list any information on how long it takes to enter.

20th up: Royal Draw Giveaways

I have Royal Draw Giveaways listed under my sweepstakes tab because I am fascinated by them.  There are daily draws and a lot of gift cards to be won.  I, personally, have never won from them.  However, I hardly enter their giveaways because I am so busy.

If you, or someone you know has won from Royal Draw, let me know in the comments.  I am most curious.

21st up: Skill Contests

This is the location where I still store all of the skill contests where submissions require you make a video, drawing, take a photo, create a jingle, or etc.  Harder than filling out an entry form but less competition so better chances of winning.

22nd up: Surveys

Surveys are generally different than review and win giveaways.  Usually, a sponsor is attempting to gain information for future products and marketing.  They want to know what your opinion is.  These companies offer you a survey to fill out so they can gain insight into what you, the fan wants to seem them market in the future.  So, offering a giveaway is one way to get this information.

I try to take these surveys to see how long they are before listing them.  I don’t want to get caught up in a survey that’s going to take an hour to complete unless I know I am guaranteed a big reward.  We all have lives.

23rd up: Text2Win

This is where I post text 2 win giveaways.  Now, to me, a real text2win is one where you text your entry and you receive back a completed text when finished.  These text giveaways aren’t always like that.  You might get a text with a link where you complete your entry that way.

Sometimes, you can text an entry instead of doing an online or mail in.  I try to post that option when I can.

24th up: Twitter Sweeps

I run across a lot of twitter sweeps.  So many in fact that I don’t always have the time to post them all.  So, what I do is retweet the entry directions on my twitter feed.  Follow me at @MzNelms on twitter if you are so inclined.

I list a lot of giveaways on twitter when I am able.

25th up: Writer Space Contests

I like this place.  It is sort of like Giveaway Promote but with writer’s giveaways.  There are a lot of monthly contests posted.  Gift Cards, Chocolates, Books, Gift Sets, etc.

I try to go in and pluck individual ones out and post them on Facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc. from time to time.

If you want to tackle these on your own, remember to confirm after each entry.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm your entry after each one.  What I do, is enter the ones I am interested in and confirm immediately instead of waiting.

At the beginning of each new month, the prize winners are contacted.  It’s an amazing way to find new authors and their books.  I am an avid reader so this may be of interest to you as well.

26th up: Submit a Giveaway

I find all of my giveaways the old fashioned way.  I am signed up with many sponsors so that I can get word on the latest about their products and any new offers that are coming out.

I have alerts set up and I monitor them daily.  I use the Internet search features.

I am constantly on Social Media outlets.  I use whatever options I have at my disposal can to find free offers and giveaways so that I can post them for you in an easy to understand manner and without I hope, too much difficulty to enter for them.

If you learn of a giveaway or offer that you don’t mind sharing, simply fill out the website form and submit to me.  Please include the rules if you have them handy.  That makes it easier to go through the offer.

At this time I do not have a reward system in place other than my gratitude.  I do however hope in the future I can make it more advantageous for someone to come forward and submit something to me by either offering more and frequent giveaways or other little things that might make your sweeping hobby more fun and rewarding.

I look forward to any words, suggestions, critique of Freebie Galaxy, or even praise if it is warranted, and I hope that with your help, Freebie Galaxy can continue to grow and bring you an even better selection of content that you are keenly interested in.

Let me know in the comments below if you like anything that I have presented to you on Freebie Galaxy.

And, what can I do to make it better for you?  Write down your ideas if you would like.

I might offer a giveaway in exchange for your ideas.   You would be doing me a kindness.

Thanks to all that may have made it this far.  I realize how valuable your time is.  Thank you!



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